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EZ Personal Finance

EZ Personal Finance has intuitive navigation targeting young people aging 18-35 years old who are tech-savvy and eager to spend and save money wisely. This mobile application attempts to focus on following user pain points: linking all accounts (e.g., banking and bill accounts), monitoring spending activities, setting up goals and notification, and managing credit scores. Additionally, this app provides the aesthetically pleasing but simple icon suite and a set of graphics reflecting EZ Personal Finance's brand, mirroring the typography, and translating the message in the context correctly.

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This nomination is a project that was designed by Yaroslav Zubko in 2018. Visual language of the FameLab application resonated with his personal approach and idea of incorporating fun into user experience increasing engagement and retention of the users. FameLab is a leading social marketing cloud that delivers authentic engagement on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook Pages. Famelab helps people gain more recognition and exposure on social media.

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The Seoulist is a touring app service for foreign tourists visiting Seoul. The Seoulist is structured so that it can communicate continuously throughout the trip. The three-steps Seoulist is divided into curation/guide/log stages. This configuration naturally allows users to interact with this service throughout the journey. In terms of design aspects, the layout is arranged so that it is easy to use with one hand, reflecting the characteristics of tourists who use lots of luggage and use public transportation. It makes it easy to classify the information through clear components.

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App For Musicians

This is a music-focused mobile application that is used to distribute information on concerts, music videos, and artist profiles all in one place. Artists can use the application to attract new fans and promote songs. General users can use the application to meet and discover new music and musicians.

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Pal is a blockchain and AI powered app to reduce loneliness in young adults who are suffering from social media dependencies. The app uses a variety of personal health widgets to track user progress and suggest helpful, personalized tips. The apps social widgets promote users to meetup and build meaningful friendships and habits offline. The widgets include a local event calendar, routine builder, chat with a professional, and a personal progress tracker.

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Seotun Saram

The project created a fairy tale that metaphorically describes the consultation process for those who are not familiar with counseling. The warm and comfortable atmosphere of fairy tales will be conveyed to those who use the service. This shows identity not only in material brand identity but also in UXUI interface.

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