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Belly Preg

Belly Preg is an application that tracks the physical change of a pregnant woman and monitors all stages of development of a baby. It contains relevant information from various specialists and allows users to understand the size of a baby by comparing it to visual objects. The application includes checklists for all pregnancy periods, as well as tools for monitoring weight, blood pressure, water intake, kicks, and contractions calculator.

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Foodie is a mobile app that aims to leverage the action of sharing personal preferences with one's social circle, which happens mostly in offline settings, to a digital platform. This transformation allows this information-sharing process to expand beyond limited scenarios so users can create content and access information whenever and wherever they need it. With Foodie, users can easily explore restaurants liked by their friends anytime, anywhere.

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Smart Charging

Electric vehicle users have power concerns due to imperfect supporting facilities and user experience. Baidu Map app provides matching trip experience services to help to relieve battery power anxiety as well as assure trips for users. Users can search and view the information of charging stations nearby in the app. The Map displays the panoramic pictures as well as the charging state of each charger. to help users quickly find chargers. It also provides users with the real time power information and charging station services when users travel.

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The developed design allows the buyer to useful, affordably and secure pay for purchases through the SberBank Online application. The visual language of SberPay is simple and easy to understand. Basic communication is based on typography and familiar elements of the digital interface. The design has a unique visual language and at the same time complies with the bank's global guidelines, as well as is functional and provides the convenient user experience with cashless payments.

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Social stress is a huge topic in developing countries. A large number of young people often feel anxious and have some psychological problems. the Covid-19 also aggravates this situation. The design team incorporated light gamification into the design of Wandering. Users have a game character to explore the mental world. The user's journey through the mental world can reduce anxiety and gain encouragement from other users. Wandering can relieve young people's anxiety and is an App project with potential. The design team believes that this App can help the society.

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People need a good way to manage their emotions in order to face increasing social pressures. So Roam, a emotion management application, which starts from the perspective of the game, allowing users to travel in the virtual world and record their emotions. In the happy game, user can learn to get along with emotions and have a better understand of themselves. Roam will analyse the reasons leading to people’s emotions so as to help users cope with the emotional crisis that may come next.

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