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Salto Rondata

This online banking app is made for the consumer market and it changes the banking customer's experience with a new human-driven design approach. The main advantage of Salto Rondata is that it can be technically implemented with the ecosystem of almost any bank with various design standards. Required functionality may be added and transformed through custom developed modules based on a flexible constructor. Opium Pro team has held several usability tests to prove the effectiveness of the design, and make sure that it is able to satisfy the needs of both user and bank alike.

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Connecting devices together is always hard, especially when you're operating across ecosystems. Clipt is a cross-platform application that creates a link between all of your devices to increase productivity, iOS, Android, Mac, and PC. Seamlessly sending text, photos, and files between devices, it’s as easy as copying on one device and pasting on another. Ever emailed a photo to yourself or typed out a long address from your laptop, no more with Clipt! Sorting your last 10 items and having no file size limit, Clipt will help make all your devices feel like one.

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WellPaper is a mobile app that displays users' screen time and smartphone usage through a creative and dynamic wallpaper. The existing screen time monitoring tools are bland and uninspiring to the user, giving them little reason to return or use the information. WellPaper allows users to visualize and better understand their day-to-day smartphone habits in an aesthetic way right on the home screen. From the data-heavy Composition with a range of tiles scaling based on use, the soft colors of Radial or the dark space-based Cosmos design. Liven up your home screen with digital welling.

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Baidu App for the Elderly

China is facing serious aging problems. Baidu App for the Elderly provides rich content and services for the elderly. It also provides a systematic, age-friendly design which is convenient for the users to read and listen contents, and use the app. In combination with different tools and AI technologies such as voice and image synthesis, the app offers abundant services for the elderly to help them enrich life, enjoy digital services, and keep up with the digital era.

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Plant Planner

Plant Planner is a convenient app for people who want to take care of their plants or to plant a new plant and don't know how to do it. The app has information about plants with photos and descriptions and will notify you of when you should water the plant. It will also tell you the perfect time to plant a new plant. Design for the app was inspired by the nature and plants, so the color palette consists of different tone of green color.

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Science as an Emotional Trend

Designers would like to see their projects in Sberbank Online not only triggering emotions but also provoking thoughts and serving as the sources of knowledge. That's why in 2021 they created a series of welcome screens for Sberbank Online mobile app dedicated to the Year of Science and Technology in Russia (2021). The project includes materials on topics such as Undersea, Through the Microscope, and Neural Network. There is a history behind each of them but yet all of them have something in common.

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