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News app

"News" is an interview application for audio information. It is inspired by the ios apple flat design with illustrations to illustrate the information blocks. Visually the background has an electric blue color as a mission to make the blocks stand out. There are very few graphic elements, the objective, to make the application easy to use without distracting the user or losing it.

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Сreating the Flame mobile app, Wadoo. team aimed at making the app engaging for the users. Thus, Wadoo. experts came up with a simple yet appealing function of making pairs according to musical preferences. This feature provides users with a wider range of opportunities to interact with the application. Of course, the goal function remains meeting new people. However, to make this process engaging, a user can select a pair based on musical preferences. Thus, the users can start communicating about interests and tastes thy share in the messenger and move on to a real date.

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Hango is an iOS app for splitting the bill in restaurants. In order to split the bill a user needs to scan a check, select people dinning with him at the moment, split items from a check between participants and receive the money back. Items are automatically recognized and splitting happens via a simple drag and drop gesture. Other participants of the dinner only need to confirm their order and pay the money back using a fingerprint scanner. The app design in lightweight, clean and focused on one primary task. Motion and animation is carefully used to support a user along the journey.

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Future Of The Digitally Literate Society

The mobile application enables a seamless omnichannel experience for library patrons. It is a fuss-free way for library users to find their next favourite book through status notifications, experiential wayfinding, personalised suggestions, and enhanced with a scan-to-borrow feature for quick checkout. The design is created to suit the needs of an increasingly connected and digitally literate society.

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Pure App is designed for plogging – a new eco-friendly trend that combines fitness and cleaning. It guides people with all the detail in plogging such as route, trash can location, distance, speed and energy. It tracks every picking of litters into points which allows people to easily compare and share with friends. In Pure, online team plogging is also supported to bring people together for group competition to stay motivated. Pure also includes features of Healthy Lifestyle with tasks and environmental quizzes and Eco-Mall for exploring green products.

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SberBank Online

SberBank Online app allows clients to get online almost all banking products of the largest Russian bank. Emotional and emphatic design of the app breaks the pattern of conventional banking. SberBank Online team believe that UE (User Emotions) is the new Must-Have for all digital product designs. There are postcards and stickers in the app to accompany money transfers and make them more emotional. When transactions take long, special animation screens entertain clients while the wait. Main and welcome screens are personalized depending on the location of the customer and time of the day.

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