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Air Quality

Looking for a small device that can measure volatile organic compounds, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity in your home? Look no further. Air Quality is a mini wireless gadget that connected your phone using Bluetooth. Inspired by the look of the plant, it is designed as a handy product where the design relates to the function. Powered by the ‘ground’ (the rechargeable battery), the ‘leaf’ (which contains all the sensing technology) ‘inhale’ air and ‘exhale’ information to your mobile.

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Owl Currency

The Owl Currency is an multifunctional exchange rate viewer from USD to Bitcoin, other 190s. The app is easy, because the complex configuration has been hidden as much as possible. If users need a complex configuration, they can find it easily. Each configuration button has a Chevron mark. And each page of each menu has its own unique layout. So users don't get confused with the other menus. Finally, the Owl Currency can be still simple although it has multifunction.

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Samsung Health

This design enables users to meet with world-class doctors right from their smartphone. The designer team worked with major insurance companies to make appointments low-cost, and partnered with leading hospitals and top-tier doctors. Above all, This product uses an intuitive design language and user flow to create a seamless user experience. The design team have also taken extra steps to optimize for affordability, meaningful doctor-patient interaction, and ease of use — for a great telehealth experience.

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To enjoye your wine experience you need to decant, or aerate, the wine, a mysterious and often intimidating process to the average consumer. To elevate the drinking experience Aveine has created a connected wine aerator to make the process easyer and fun. Simply place the device on your wine bottle, scan the label, and the smartphone app deploys an algorithm that communicates to you the right wine tasting conditions. The device will then aerate your wine in an instant, every single time.

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Airnergy is a motivational smartphone application combining gaming system and smart home utility features. It uses real-world energy consumption data and alternates the environment in the virtual world to motivate users to reduce daily energy consumption since users will care about their in-game score. The more energy users save in the real world, the better in-game environment could be. The idea behind Airnergy is to make the air pollution problem more obvious and relatable, to provide an easier and fun way for people to help reduce air pollution and make our world a better place to live.

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Mercku, a Canadian IoT hardware company has a launched a new mobile application that puts the host in complete control of the Wi-Fi system's user, bandwidth, and security. Hosts can view the list of users, block and add users with ease, and also block users deemed inappropriate. Also, hosts can control the amount of bandwidth used by each user, limiting their access to the system. Lastly, the system has an aesthetically pleasing and intuitive design and built-in security system that thwarts unwanted hackers, and uninvited guests.

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