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People need a good way to manage their emotions in order to face increasing social pressures. So Roam, a emotion management application, which starts from the perspective of the game, allowing users to travel in the virtual world and record their emotions. In the happy game, user can learn to get along with emotions and have a better understand of themselves. Roam will analyse the reasons leading to people’s emotions so as to help users cope with the emotional crisis that may come next.

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Career Science

Edvanza takes the rocket science out of working to be a rocket scientist. A learning platform designed to be human centric, Centrick added a human touch to AI learning. They made impersonal interfaces feel more personal to draw users in and keep them there. They re-imagined the way important information was delivered. The users had to rely on muscle memory for the navigation, freeing their minds to focus on what they’re really there for, their career goals. Centrick crafted a more collaborative and iterative style, combining different creative styles into one human-centred design approach.

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Reamember is a mobile application crafted to let language learners have a smooth flow while reading content with unfamiliar words and learn these words afterward. It aims to bridge reading comprehension and vocabulary building, these two aspects of language learning, in a non-interfering way and ultimately create a holistic learning experience for users. Users can easily find online content that appeals to their reading interest. An embedded dictionary allows them to quickly check out unfamiliar words while reading, to keep the flow going. They can check out and learn these words afterwards.

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Booxpace is an office reservation application developed for companies that have a hybrid work model. With Booxpace, employees can create reservations with details like parking and dining options. According to the capacity in the time period, they choose, follow the current capacity status of the reservation, and review their upcoming reservations and even their colleagues who have made the same reservation as themselves.

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Gucci's Mobile Website

Gucci engaged Huge for a full redesign of its digital presence that would seize the mobile sales opportunity immediately. Huge brought the luxury, service and ease of the in-store shopping experience to smartphones and tablets. The design maintains a premium feel while also streamlining the purchase path. Huge decided to focus the design primarily on the products, which meant putting the spotlight on large, high-resolution images and letting the full description and price fall below the fold.

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Motley is a quick color reference interactive application which allows the user to capture colour palettes on the go. It generates color values in various formats like RGB, HEX and CMYK on one tap. It is a global platform to interact, create and share colors, palettes and trends. Motley enables the unique feature of exporting colour palettes to your system at one touch. It has an infinite collection of artworks and compositions contributed by various designers. The application symbolises colour as visuals which enhances the experience of the user.

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